Actor, scatter cushion con­nois­seur and former popstar Justin Timberlake has 'revealed' that he doesn't really wash his hair and would rather smell of beer than flowers.

In what sounds like a pretty revealing interview with Glamour magazine (as quoted here), the 'Dick In A Box' hitmaker said: "I'm low main­ten­ance all the way."

"I find the more stuff I put in my hair, the more it sort of fights it," he said of his unruly curls. "And I don't wash my hair a lot to be honest because I noticed it damages my hair more."

Of his aroma he added: "Call me crazy, call me weird but I like the smell of beer. I don't think men should overdo their aura or let people smell you before you walk into a room. I like a fresh out of the shower smell. I don't like smelling like flowers."

So there you have it.