Harry from One Direction has given some fas­cin­at­ing insight into the band's new single 'Live While We're Young'.

In a video interview with the BBC — who were clearly so bored of it all that they've put the wrong song title in the headline — beau­ti­fully coiffured Harry is asked what the song's about.

Wait for it…

"It's about having fun, not taking life too seriously, just enjoying yourself… Yeah," he explained.

When asked about the 'con­tro­versy' sur­round­ing the fact that the song's riff is 'similar' to The Clash's pop behemoth 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go', he replied: "It's kind of on purpose though you know, it's a great riff."

Talk about inform­a­tion overload.

EDIT: The BBC website now has the correct title, but it didn't earlier, promise!