Likely genius Madeon's SENSATIONALLY REVEALED to Popjustice that the song 'OK' on his new album does indeed feature Charli XCX, but it's just a sample from one of two other songs they recorded.

Basically right we were having a chat with Madeon and asked him about 'OK''s inception, and why Charli doesn't appear as a proper 'feat', and the 'Shuriken' hitmaker painted the following picture using words:

"We did a session in December 2013, so before 'Boom Clap'. I was a big fan and I loved 'SuperLove'. I was just starting to write for the album because I'd been on tour so much and basically I didn't have a track ready to show her. We went into the studio and I pulled out a track I had that I didn't think was amazing. But she wrote to it and she's obviously great and an amazing singer and she's awesome, so we did that and I didn't end up finishing the song, and it didn't really fit the album."

So then what happened?

"I was working sep­ar­ately on this song called 'OK' which was an instru­mental, sort of like a producer jam and I sampled her voice from that session. Then I asked per­mis­sion obviously and I was really lucky that she was happy with it. I didn't want to do 'feat Charli XCX' and make people think she was featured."

Obviously we asked if we could hear the original song. Not only did Madeon say no, but he also said there were actually TWO Charli col­lab­or­a­tions in existence. What a little bugger.

"There was actually two of them [songs that is]," he declared. "I remember coming out of the sessions thinking 'she needs to be the biggest popstar, she's really great'. I hope we get to write again and that I have tracks ready next time. It was totally my fault. I missed an oppor­tun­ity there."

Yes you did Madeon. Yes you did.