Bad news: they did it on a ukelele.

Basically bass advoc­at­ing treble ignorer Meghan Trainor has confirmed she has indeed recorded a duet with Harry Styles.

The song is called 'Someday Maybe' and as you're about to read it's "a cute acoustic love thing". :(

"It's real! It's a duet," she mused to The Sun (as quoted here, though it's fair to point out that Sugarscape and various others had the story a week ago). "It's a beautiful song we wrote together on my ukulele. We even recorded a rough demo together with our vocals together. It's a cute acoustic love thing."

Sounds fucking awful, but how did it all come about Meghan?

"A friend of mine said Harry was a fan and said he would love to write with me."

Right. Did you rather pat­ron­isingly assume he'd be a bit rubbish at song­writ­ing because of his age and sex, though?

"He's an incred­ible writer, too. I was worried he'd just be a 20-year-old boy. So I walked in with a prepared verse and chorus. But he gave me very poetic, mature lyrics. I was like, 'Well, damn, Harry, you know what love is'."

So there we go. No word on whether anyone will get to hear it mind you, but that might be for the best.