Example's new music is going to sound like something a boyband would make, appar­ently.

The British singer/rapper/whatever revealed this to MTV, saying: "Now I’m really happy, all my songs are gonna be rubbish — my songs are gonna be like a boyband's."

We think he's dissing boybands here viewers. If only all boyband songs could mirror the lyrical com­plex­ity of "oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh" out of that one Example did for The Wanted.

Anyway, back to Gleavo.

"I mean 'Kickstarts' was about a break up," the 'So Many Roads' hitmaker began. "'Changed The Way You Kissed Me' was about a break up, 'Stay Awake' was about being awake all night and I don’t really do any of that stuff anymore. Stay awake all night or break up."

After getting all this off his chest, Example decided to actually give some useful insight into his upcoming album, con­firm­ing that "it’s out on 2nd November and it's got lots of guitars on it. It’s still quite ravey and dancey with lots of bass. Mostly singing, a little bit of rap and has huge guitar rifts".

Right you are.