Destinys_Child_4Destiny's Child's 'Nuclear' premiered on Mashable this evening.

It is a complete waste of time but you can listen to it here if you like.

In other news the ever reliable US Weekly are reporting that The Child will reunite at some point during Beyoncé's Super Bowl per­form­ance.

According to "multiple sources" Beyoncé's 'gig' will open with her singing some solo stuff before Kelly (can you handle this?) and Michelle (can you handle this?) come on to do a medley (amazing), cul­min­at­ing in them per­form­ing this new 'Nuclear' song of theirs.

It will then be just Beyoncé again after that and appar­ently she'll then premiere her brand new single.


The Super Bowl takes place on February 3 so we'll know more then. Obviously.