Good news for Beyoncé fans with a weak heart: she's probably not going to 'do a Beyoncé' with her next album.

Having a chat with Billboard, your friend and ours Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, who as you well know is the general manager of Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment, had the following to say when asked about future album release tactics:

You can only be first once, so I’m not sure we’d want to do it again. We typically at Parkwood like to look at projects where, if it isn’t unique or different in some way, it’s really not inter­est­ing to us.”

Callahan-Longo also had some things to say about the fake track­list­ing for 'Beyoncé Part 2', con­firm­ing that it was "com­pletely made up" and hinting that its existence forced their arm a bit 'vis-a-vis' sending out a press release regarding the real album repack.

This is what happens when no one can trust you, Beyoncé.