Despite being a whole one minute longer than the optimum song length of 3:30, 'Uptown Funk' is a perfect pop moment.

It blossoms like 'Biology', it has whooshy bits, there's a 'music drops out'/'clap your hands' part, "c'mon"s feature heavily, it's all about Saturday night, there's a talky bit that turns into a chant... This song pretty much has everything, including an extraordinary performance from Bruno Mars.

The sound of 'Uptown Funk' is almost certainly informed by Mark's deep, genuine and encyclopaedic passion for cooler end of 70s funk. But in Popjustice terms it's basically 'Walk The Dinosaur' meets 'Oops Up Side Your Head', ie a solid gold wedding disco banger.

Release date-wise, the good news is that you can pre-order it on iTunes now. The not-so-good news is that it's not out until NEXT JANUARY. We suppose at least this means it will still be Number One when Mark and Bruno bring the Brits to a standstill.

Label: Sony
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