'Another Lonely Night' hitmaker and part-time Queen frontman Adam Lambert is releasing a brand new Max Martin-produced single called 'Welcome To The Show' on March 17, ie this Thursday.

Not only that but he'll be per­form­ing the song on American Idol that same day (night).

Here's the artwork:

Adam Lambert

This is all very well of course, but it would be better if there was a quote from Adam hastily cobbled together by his PR, right? RIGHT.

Here it is:

I wanted to surprise my fans with a new, uplifting anthem for the spring. I asked Max Martin for help and he paired me up with Ali Payami who worked with me on 'Ghost Town' and Swedish star Laleh who is also featured on the track. I feel this song will give people strength to be exactly who they are.”

Lots of pop songs do that these days, don't they? How priv­ileged we are to live in enlightened times.