You're probably wondering what this video's all about. "This song," you are probably thinking, "is extremely good. I also enjoy the video, but I do not com­pletely under­stand what is happening in it. I cannot penetrate the video's complex themes. I am semi­ot­ic­ally chal­lenged."

Well there's GOOD NEWS. Here's what the band have to say.

"The 'Winterbreak' video is about the dual exper­i­ence of belonging and non-belonging involved in returning to a former home. Often when we've visited the places we grew up in, we've found ourselves in the strange space between nostalgia and total regres­sion. We visit familiar places in which we no longer fit, surround ourselves with familiar people with whom we don't neces­sar­ily connect anymore, and engage in familiar activ­it­ies that might normally strike us as incred­ibly immature. Despite being in the same world we were immersed in as children and adoles­cents, there is a sense there that almost everything about 'home' has changed. Generally for us, the only solace has been really great friends. So we tried to show some of that."

Well there you go.

The band's debut EP, 'Loudspeaker', is out at the start of May.