A young man scouring Chatroulette (as one does) got slightly more than he bargained for when Robbie Williams popped up for a bit of a sing song.

Talking to The Sun about it all, 19-year-old Adam Houabi said: "One minute I was talking to a bloke from Algeria… Then amazingly Robbie appeared."

"I didn’t believe it was really him so he pulled his shirt down (!) to reveal his chest tattoos and showed me five cameramen round him in his Hollywood studio."

So far, so Chatroulette.

"Then Robbie told me he was recording a new song and started singing. He said it was called 'Losers' and would be out in October. It was good. I liked it."

"I’ve chatted to a few strange people on Chatroulette before," Houabi continued, "but never a superstar!"

Imagine if he'd been having a wank.