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The last time Taylor Swift unveiled a comeback single nobody was very bothered. Look calm down, just think back. You weren't exactly on the edges of your seats back in 2012 waiting for the new Swifto waxing, weren't you?

And then obviously 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' was incredible and everyone went berserk. And now here we are. Most of us on the edges of our seats or, if not on the edges of our seats, at least 'on the internet clicking refresh'. And that's probably one of the most important 'metrics' when it comes to pop fame in 2014: how many fans will sit online refreshing their screens until a new song appears? And how many refreshes will they last before they go and do something else?

This has descended into waffle - apols. As you may have deduced this 'commentary' was in fact written earlier today, during the afternoon, because it seemed likely that the song would appear while we were making dinner or watching TV or something. But looking ahead into the future we do like to imagine that when the livestream kicks off we'll be refreshing that VEVO page looking for an embed code, so the point still stands.


[EDIT: This actually is amazing.]

[EDIT EDIT: You can buy 'Shake It Off' right now on iTunes!]

Doesn't it feel as if it's always been there?
Label: Big Machine
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