So basically London-based singer Halia Jack [ti][/ti] [fi][/fi] is a new singer. She dropped us an email this morning.

"I'm an unsigned pop artist," she wrote. "Thought you might be inter­ested in my new music video."

Well as it turns out we're very inter­ested indeed, mainly because 'Absence Of Love' is a massively amazing sub­tle­banger that manages to be big pop while also being a total broodfest.

Halia's currently working on her first EP; we'd suggest you keep an eye on her SoundCloud for further devel­op­ments.

(We've asked Halia for some more inform­a­tion about what she's up to and who she's working with but haven't heard back yet and we need to go to a farm shortly, so maybe come back later to see either more inform­a­tion about Halia or a pho­to­graph of a sheep or something.)