The names of the people in Gypsy & The Cat are Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers. Which of those two names do you think is best? Xavier Bacash is certainly an exciting and stylish name, perhaps the sort of moniker one might expect from the villain in an late-1970s spy novel. And let's be honest, if you're playing Popstar Scrabble, Xavier is your man. But let's not underestimate the suave, strident qualities of Lionel Towers. We'd definitely phone Lionel Towers first if we were in financial trouble or required love advice. Anyway here is the Shazam mix of their new single. We did 'Jona Vark' as a Song Of The Day last year (and this mix is from around the time of that release) and it's coming out properly now. They've had a new remix package done and tragically none of the new mixes are as good as this one. But not to worry because at the end of the day music really is the winner (or something).

Label: RCA
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