Here's the debut single by Eternal Death, via Sweden's always-reliable Labrador Records, and you will be pleased to hear that it's an exceptional synthpop belter topped off by a vocalist described as "a hazy 21-year-old Swedish Dolly Parton".

There are some brilliantly melodramatic musings in Eternal Death's biog.

“Life's about dying,” says Mr Death. “I sometimes fantasize what it would be like. Strange dreams. Sometimes it’s so dark there's no end to it. Sometimes there are fever-like loops playing strange chords I've never heard. Other times it’s like grey white noise, coming and going. Sometimes vivid and bright. Love larger than life, larger than anything. It embraces me. Still, the only thing I expect is Eternal Death.”

(You certainly don't get that from Little Mix.)

Anyway 'Head' is a rather splendid affair and here it is.

Label: Labrador
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