We really liked Esther Vallee's first track 'Hard Time' when it appeared on Clash a few weeks ago. It's produced by Jonas Quant, whose work you'll already know from Hurts, Foxes, Kylie and Gwen Stefani.

Around that time, Esther's biography was this: "A Swedish girl, who couldn’t care less about her intro­duc­tion, so this is the bio for now. Her music speaks for itself, fleeting pop as elegant as it is raw. Do not fear, there is only more where this came from." Quite an amusing bio. Vallee of the LOLs, if you will.

Anyway now, as promised, there is indeed more — the spacious and brilliant 'Your Name' is out tomorrow at your friendly neigh­bour­hood streaming service.

You can keep up with Esther over on Facebook, but to be honest we'll probably be writing a lot about her here too so you can just keep an eye on the url http://www.popjustice.com if you like.