This is a solid gold disco belter that somehow manages to capture all the elements of joy, euphoria it would have been nice to hear somewhere in Daft Punk's supposed disco album, then crowbar all that amazingness into one song.

Annie Mac played 'No Price' on her Radio 1 show last night; she could confirm the label, approximate release date and guest vocalist (it's Dave out of Chromeo) but beyond being a "disco supergroup" the identity of 'Disco Mystery' was, she said, unknown.

Mystery artist releases tend to fall into two camps - the real artists are either really exciting or really "who the hell is that anyway" - but 'No Price' is a summer Number One waiting to happen, so it doesn't really matter if it's Armand Van Helden (as Annie Mac suspects) or Stuart Price (as we aimlessly suggested) or Susan Boyle (who has been suspiciously quiet of late so don't rule her out).

JULY 17 UPDATE: This track has now been officially confirmed as a collaboration between Arthur Baker and Alex out of MSTRKRFT; Annie Mac's original theory about Armand Van Helden has nearly come true as there's an AVH remix coming out as part of the whole package. 'Almost' unbelievably this song apparently started life in 1979 and was recently unearthed and tarted up. It'll come out properly via Columbia in September under the artist name Slam Dunk'd and apparently there's more to come, along with live shows. IMAGINE SEEING THIS PERFORMED LIVE.

Label: Columbia
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