Here's some new music from a very exciting new artist called Anne-Marie, who we first wrote about last year when she featured on another Big Song, 'Spirit World' by Raized By Wolves.

This time Eve's rap from the Missy duet 'Hot Boyz' is in the feat spot and Anne-Marie takes centre stage on a confident, bold and very fizzy tune co-written with Jim Eliot (Will Young, Kylie, Ladyhawke, most of your favourites).

'Summer Girl' is an almost absurdly spot-on realisation of Anne-Marie's own description of the music she makes ("a well-rounded fusion of electro, R&B, hip hop and pop") and hints at extremely big things later in 2013. She's also been working with MNEK, Benga and Astma and Rocwell; her Facebook page is a good place to find out more, and she's fun on Twitter too.

In addition to all this there's also a page on her management's website (she's in good company) which claims that Anne-Marie "trained in karate where she earned the title of World Champion in Shotokan Karate on three separate occasions" but we think this absurd claim might be a trap to see which journalists just copy stuff off the internet.

Anyway we think Anne-Marie will be a major name in pop over the next twelve months and if the rest of her music is as forward-looking (and likeable) as 'Summer Girl' she might just be the right artist to get British pop back on track.

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