We've been wondering for some time whether Alex Metric might be something of a secret weapon for the pop world over the next couple of years and 'Safe With You' isn't doing much to change our minds.

Usually when you get two or more tremendous artists on one song you'll find that at least one has been escorted down an unwise musical cul-de-sac but pulsating electropop behemoth 'Safe With You' is absolutely everything you'd want from Alex Metric, everything you'd want from Stuart Price and - nice as all the floaty blogpop stuff very often is - everything you'd want from Malin off Niki & The Dove.

Given the involved parties this should perhaps come as no surprise but the real spark of 'Safe With You' lies in its ability to pull off a trick that seems somehow beyond the abilities of most 'EDM' practitioners, which is to be at once banging and beautiful.



IMAGINE CHERYL SINGING THIS actually that wouldn't work but you get the idea.

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Label: Ministry
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