Let's kill some time while we wait for 'Telephone' to appear. First off, a sort of Lady Gaga/Alice In Wonderland 'mashup' which would be a lot better were it not for two instances of 'comedy sound effect'.


Comedy sound effects or not, this is still quite good. 7/10.

While we're here, here's a 'dance troupe' called Blueprint Cru (THAT'S NOT HOW YOU SPELL CREW) on US TV show America's Best Dance Crew last week.


We par­tic­u­larly like the hanging and the broken necks. 8/0.

We could continue posting YouTube clips all day you know. Here's a "get the Lady Gaga Bad Romance look" thing from January.


Here's a computer generated version of the 'Bad Romance' video.


Here's a medley (including 'Bad Romance') that is more enter­tain­ing if you imagine that instead of playing the piano the warbling fella is having a wank.


Look at this fool — she actually needs the 'Bad Romance' lyrics written down. Surely, like the rest of us, she already sees 'Bad Romance' wherever she looks, a bit like when you stare at a lightbulb?


This is useful if you're pushed for time.


Here's a clip of Miral from Star Academy 7 Lebanon. (She won't win — but we admire the song choice.) We like the bit at 1:58 where she sings "I want your horror" then forgets the next line.


This is actually quite amazing:


This is not:


Right, we're going for a lie down.