hadoukenstriplights.jpgWe had a nice chat with James from Hadouken! (pictured right, 'sans wand') the other day.

Our chat has now been presented to you, the Popjustice viewer, in the form of an 'interview'.

Things it covers include:

» Dadrock being shit.

» James not being entirely sold on the whole 'fan club', 'buy some shoelaces instead of records' type of thing sur­round­ing Hadouken! and their spooky record deal.

» Etc.

One of James' more inter­est­ing comments is that while tra­di­tion­ally bands have tra­di­tion­ally rein­ven­ted them­selves from album to album, with Hadouken! he's trying to present some sort of new angle or rein­ven­tu­lar aspect with every single.

Well we thought it was inter­est­ing anyway.

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