new music friday tove lo

In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify:

  • Actually do you know what, the com­ment­ary is cancelled this week. It's a week in which Maroon 5, The Veronicas and The Vamps are among the artists hurling them­selves into the semi-tropical, playlist-friendly sound of 2016. That sound is like a black hole. It might not always be obvious from our New Music Friday playlists, simply because of all the stuff we don't include, but scanning through each week's unedited new release playlists it feels like at least half of all 'fresh' songs could have been produced by the same person. This isn't about shifting musical styles or cynical trend-chasing in the way we've seen it in the past. It's not even about getting on the radio. It's simply about artists and labels trying to get good streaming numbers. It's boring, it's annoying, and it's having a huge negative impact on the pop people are prepared to make and release.

We didn't include 'Kings Of Leon', apols.

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