In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify on a day so jammed with excellent pop music that we might as well be calling it Super Friday, except we won't because that would be terrible:

  • Future Current superstar Dua Lipa has finally released 'Hotter Than Hell'. It's a song that would send the planet com­pletely berserk if any of the Big Pop Ladies released it; as things stand, however, people seem to be going suitably berserk anyway, meaning that Dua may in turn actually become a big pop lady.
  • Justin Timberlake is back! With a song off the Trolls film soundtrack (‽)! Sadly due to an ingestion error it won't play when we try to listen to it on Spotify, and an Olly Murs album track plays instead. Maybe you'll have better luck.
  • Ariana Grande's new song is very good. EDIT: And has also been selected by people off the Popjustice Facebook page as this week's best song.
  • Charli XCX is back! With a song off the Angry Birds film soundtrack (‽)! (It's very listen­able.)
  • Er… The new Keith Urban single is a total corker.
  • Kleerup and Savina Ddumba have released a beautiful sadbanger.
  • The Danny L Harle and Thingy Out Of Chairlift song's a good one.
  • The best song on the Annabel Jones EP is 'Money, Love, Success'.
  • Fifth Harmony have released a crap pseudo-tropical semibal­lad.
  • The wheels are really falling off the whole Meghan Trainor thing. Oh dear.
  • Tegan & Sara aren't really putting in much effort with '100x'.
  • Prince Fox has a new single out!!!! Couldn't give two shits? How about factoring in the vocal presence of a certain Hailee Steinfeld? (The song's not really up to much to be honest but it's nice to hear her voice again.)
  • The Jake Bugg song's quite good but let's gloss over that.
  • Mike Posner's following up a massive hit with a load of old rubbish. Haven't we been here before? See you in 2021 Mike!
  • SHIT TROPICAL HOUSE COVER UPDATE: This is abso­lutely beyond parody. C-Alvin has released a shit tropical house inter­pol­a­tion of Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.

We didn't include 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' or 'Band Of Horses', apols.

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