In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify:

  • The Dagny and Børns song we premiered yesterday had to be Song Of The Week.
  • The Demi Lovato single isn't a blow-your-head-off 'Cool For The Summer' lesbanger but we will tell you this now and you can thank us later: in about twelve years someone will put it in a playlist and you'll be listening to the playlist and 'Body Say' will come on and you'll think, "blimey, the summer of 2016 was a political and met­eor­o­lo­gical shitshow, but Demi released a great single that year". Future You will enjoy listening to the song.
  • Imani Williams, who was on that amazing Sigala 'Say You Do' track, releases her debut single today. Sigala's popped up on pro­duc­tion and so have Blonde.
  • Twelve months from now Atom Tree might well be one of your twenty favourite bands. For the time being 'Body', a track they've had on Soundcloud for a few weeks now, has finally appeared on Spotify.
  • The NEEDTOBREATHE single would make a good Robbie Williams song, wouldn't it?
  • The Fergie single's a bit of a shambles isn't it. Oh well!
  • Perfunctory And Shit Tropical Cover Of The Week comes from memo-ignoring pineapple wielders Cheat Codes, who've worked their 'magic' on Kevin Lyttle's 'Turn Me On', in much the same way that you could say Boris Johnson worked his magic on the British economy, which is to say they've fucked it sideways.

We didn't include 'Blossoms', apols.

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