Are you, by any chance, familiar with Dagny's 'Backbeat', ie one of the greatest artistic achieve­ments of 2016?

If you've been in or near a streaming service over the last few months you're probably well acquain­ted with that song, and looking at Dagny's Spotify plays it's fair to say 'Backbeat' is her most popular tune.



Because something momentous happens today: a new Dagny (and Børns) song which basically blows the roof, doors and back window out of the whole thing and sounds like an almost dan­ger­ously massive hit. Naturally it goes without saying that this is the best song called 'Fool's Gold' of all time.

"The song," notes Dagny in a quote her PR has sent over, "is about looking back on a rela­tion­ship and realising that maybe it was not quite what you first thought. And the big question you ask yourself: if you will ever have that feeling again.”

There's an EP out on August 4. Imagine if all the songs on it are as good as 'Fool's Gold' and 'Backbeat'. Jesus Christ.