16-year-old Imani Williams [ti]https://twitter.com/ImaniOfficial[/ti] [fi]https://www.facebook.com/ImaniOfficial[/fi] is the sort of Actual Popstar we need more of. Went to the Brit School, dancing since she was eight, that sort of thing.

You'll remember she popped up on that really good Sigala and DJ Fresh track, 'Say You Do'. She did most of the hard work on that song: the singing, the being-in-the-video, that sort of thing.

We met her a few months ago and it felt like being in the same room as a popstar, which was good news because sometimes you meet a singer and it's like someone's sent the work exper­i­ence.

Imani's been working with some very exciting producers and writers but we suppose that's all secret for the time being. But they're the sort of names that make you go "oh, alright, I get it now, this is going to be really good".

To kick things off she's launching her proper pop career today with 'Don't Need No Money', a great song about love being more important than cash, or it might just be about being in a rela­tion­ship with someone who always takes their wallet on a night out.

Anyway it was produced by Sigala and Blonde so obviously Radio 1 have made it today's Track Of The Day. Do you think an emergency siren went off at Radio 1 when an email con­tain­ing the words "feat Sigala and Blonde" pinged into their inbox? This must be like Christmas Day for Radio 1.


That's probably the most produced-by-Sigala-and-Blonde-sounding song you will ever hear, right? Although it's only July so let's see how the year pans out.