We used to do this every so often, and we are going to start doing it again because it was sometimes quite good.

Basically, we ask a 'panel' of people in and around the business we call pop to select one song they would like to recommend to you, the Popjustice viewer.

Think it sounds simple? Well it is.

And this week's tips are:

Tanlines — 'All Of Me'

Tipped by Aiden Grimshaw, serious recording artiste

Notes Aiden: "This is a brilliant tune. I only came across this the other day but have already picked it about seven times for the dreaded 'your turn to pick a song on YouTube when there's a group of people who want to hear a good song' time. It's a dead happy tune that feels appro­pri­ate in any occasion, rain or shine, and the video is also ace. Therefore this is my PJ Tip!"

AVAN LAVA — 'It's Never Over'

Tipped by Wesley Della Volla, writer at Kick Kick Snare

Notes Wesley: "'It's Never Over' is going to make you bop and flail around like an over-caf­fein­ated Muppet. People will stare, trust me, I know first hand the looks, but this won't stop you. AVAN LAVA will win out, you will keep moving. So just click play and let it take you."

Keenan Cahill & Electrovamp — 'Hands Up' 

Tipped by Raj Rudolph, Editor of EQ Music Blog and Poptronik festival founder

Notes Raj: "There's something to be said about making pop music in your bedroom, and this video speaks novels. Take two Welsh sisters and combine their spunky electro-pop with one of YouTube's viral sen­sa­tions and you have a fun-loving pop romp that is catchy as all hell, and head-boppingly brilliant."

Dragonette — 'Live In This City'

Tipped by Malcolm Mackenzie, Editor of We Love Pop magazine

Notes Malcolm: "Dragonette are probably the best pop group in the world. Not sure why the rest of the world hasn’t twigged, but maybe a few more ears will prick up for 'Live In This City' which combines the strut of The Stones’ 'Start Me Up' with a fist-pump of homage to Starship’s 'We Built This City'. A disco-rousing throwaway slab of Friday night brag­gado­cio that makes you want to hit the streets like a Gibb brother."

Rustie ft AlunaGeorge — 'After Light' 

Tipped by Adeel Amini, TV producer and the man respons­ible for choosing all the amazing horse-related songs for the eques­trian events at the Olympics

Notes Adeel: "Bangin' pop-step pro­duc­tion + one of the hottest new acts in town = the sound of east London imploding, and a beat that'll probably launch a thousand TV montages from now until Christmas. Enjoy it before it starts being asso­ci­ated with slow-mo shots of Clare Balding flicking her hair or some budget countdown show called The Best of Lady Grantham."

They may not all be your cup of tea, but the tips don't lie.

If there's someone you'd like to see tip a song next, or if you'd like to tip one yourself, let us know here.