Here is the video for that 'Cheat Again' JLS answer track we featured a few weeks ago — since we featured it JLX have become Jaime Jay featuring JLX, and Jaime Jay is (appar­ently) an ex-girl­friend of Marvin from JLS. She's also one of Marvin's old bandmates, from the sort-of-quite-good boy/girl pop troupe VS. 'Cheat Again' has been pickd up by 3Beat/All Around The World, while Jaime has been knocking around elsewhere in the dance charts during 2009 and is being managed by the ex-Virgin Records marketing man who used to do VS. It's a small world, isn't it. None of which excuses the fact that in its full-length glory 'Cheat Again' is actually a bit ropey and doesn't totally work as a standaone 'thing', but that's the way these things turn out sometimes. Perhaps 'Jaime Jay' has some more bits up her sleeve.