This isn't a picture of yesterday, it's one we nicked off their website.

This is their 'album sampler'.

1. I'm The Fool.
'Feat Twizzle'. This is the one we premiered the video for last year and it's still not out for approx 400 years. Here's the video again in case you didn't see it back then.

[youtube]pw6EqmBxu7Y[/youtube] We could probably do without the Twizzle element 'TBH' but

2. Don't Know Why.

3. Planes In The Sky.
This is a sensitive 'n' lovely ballad. It is a bit TLC-meets-Dawson's-Creek-meets-a-Justin-Bieber-ballad. "I wish i could leave, I wanna be free." There's something stuff about planes in the sky and "wishing I could fly".

4. Hero.
Avril verses with some Rihannaisms in the middle eight and a massiove
"no diamond ring to find me
It is a fizzy
There is a good rap in the middle eight "acting like a ten and looking like a zero" "trying to be Superman but I prefer Clark Kent".

5. Something To Dream About.

This is a US-sounding. It is very similar to Kathareine McPhee's 'So Over it' (aka one of the 1000 greatest songs of all time)