You know how it goes: loads of people want to represent their country at Eurovision, the best song doesn't always make it through, and so on and on and on.

So I started with a playlist of the 300+ songs submitted around the world for this year's Eurovision and banged through it like I bang through each week's New Music Friday releases, where each week I start with about 250 songs and cut it down to the ones I'd like to hear again. As well as realising that most of would-be Eurovision songs are sonic vari­ations on about four themes, I found some great stuff along the way. Keiino's Spirit In The Sky is still the best of the lot, but you'd probably already guessed that.

(Shoutout to whose National Finals playlist was, let's just say, 'quite helpful'. If there's anything I've missed that you def­in­itely, abso­lutely think needs to be on the playlist, drop me a tweet.)

Playlist below; clicking this link should launch it in Spotify. Cheers!