The Song Of The Week is Left & Right by Malou Prytz.

Malou made her first appear­ance on Popjustice last week in the roundup of the best songs that attempted to enter this year's Eurovision. Malou didn't end up rep­res­ent­ing Sweden with her debut release, I Do Me, but she's following that up today with Left & Right, a sparkling midtem­po­banger whose totally walloping "left to the right to the left to the right" hook blows the arse off almost everything else in this week's playlist. The song has a similar energy to Zara Larsson's Lush Life — will Left & Right be a global crossover hit for Malou? (Probably not, but it should be.)

Additional notes:

  • Becky Hill, who def­in­itely will one day and perhaps even in her own lifetime be recog­nised as one of British pop's greatest talents, has a new single out today. It's with Sigala, who generally isn't very good but occa­sion­ally pulls it out of the hat and today we have a great example of chapeau-based sorcery. Wish You Well finds Sigala taking his usual biddly-diddly pro­duc­tion 'style' in the direction of a 1999-era Ibizas knees-up and, as you'd probably expect, Becky's song bit is quite spec­tac­u­lar in its own right.
  • Reminder that Sigala's real name is Bruce.
  • After taxiing for a couple of years Bree Runway is now ready for take-off; please do not put your devices in flight mode until you've heard the very pleas­ingly batshit 2ON.
  • For reasons unknown, and reasons that don't even really matter, Slayyyter has chucked out an extremely faithful (what's the pop equi­val­ent of a shot-for-shot remake? Whatever it is, it's that) cover of Britney's Everytime. It is, of course, a triumph.
  • Production on the Ed Sheeran / Chance The Rapper / PnB Rock single is excellent. It's by Fred Gibson, who also co-produced the Ed and Justin single and looks like he'll spend the rest of 2019 ascending to the global pop pro­duc­tion a-list (and quite right too).
  • You're not really in the market for a new Kaiser Chiefs single, I know that, but Record Collection is pretty good! Like, if you think about what all the other bands from Back In The Day are doing now (ie the same but worse, if anything), Record Collection at least shows ambition. Well done 'The Chiefs'.
  • PRETTYMUCH, you'll notice, are also still going.