Notes on this week's releases:

  • Vera Blue's Lady Powers seems to be out again, in as much as anything can ever really be out again in the streaming era. (It now has a guest spot from Kodie Shane.) We had this song at the top of the playlist when it first appeared last summer, put it in our Top 45 Singles Of 2017 list and are choosing it again as this week's Song Of The Week partly because it means we can re-use last year's header graphic, thus saving ourselves approx­im­ately four minutes. Great song though, right?
  • When we inter­viewed Troye Sivan recently there was some chat about how crap "I'm a parent isn't that fas­cin­at­ing in and of itself" pop songs tend to be but Lily Allen's knocked it out of the park with Three because that's just the sort of thing Lily Allen does.
  • Years & Years are back with an under­stated new song that's accom­pan­ied by a not-exactly-under­stated new video.
  • The Dada Life single is sort of basic but it's hard to argue with a load of gra­tu­it­ously-thrown-in acid house squelches.
  • Hey you'll never guess what, Sia's con­trib­uted a song to a film soundtrack!

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