The Song Of The Week is The Man by Taylor Swift.

In which Taylor echoes the sentiment of Beyoncé's If I Were A Boy and ends up at If I Were Still Taylor Swift But Also A Boy. Points are made.

Additional notes:

  • Taylor Swift is also respons­ible for the week's worst song, but that's the gift and the curse of the mul­ti­fa­ceted pop entity, right?
  • The new Unperfect single is their best yet. You cannot go wrong with an upward tra­ject­ory.
  • The 1975: incred­ible racket.
  • Poppy: incred­ible racket.
  • Missy Elliott's first album in over a decade isn't actually an album because it's an EP but let's not allow the fact to get in the way of Comeback Excitement. One thing is certain, though: "I did records for Tweet before y'all could even tweet" is the lyric of the week.
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer credit New Order in their new single, which seems quite strange. A bit of it sounds slightly like Rihanna's Blue Monday-inter­pol­at­ing Shut Up And Drive… Is that it?
  • The Elusive Charlteuxcx releases new music this week after an absense of, ooh, several days. Miss U, off the new 13 Reasons Why, is album-worthy material. (It's not on the album.)