A short playlist this week, as is tra­di­tional in the the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter, but the good stuff is still good.

Song of the week:
Le Youth feat MNDR — 'I Could Always'

This tune has been made Song Of The Week because it is a prime example of one of pop's most incred­ible genres: non-Christmas songs that sound like Christmas anyway. Well done Le Youth and well done MNDR, who remains a per­plex­ingly under­cher­ished pop person.

Additional notes:

  • Sophie's 'Ponyboy' seems to last for about half an hour but actually comes in at just over three minutes, which is an impress­ive manip­u­la­tion of the pop­tem­poral laws we so often take for granted. There's an inter­est­ing interview with Sophie over at Vulture.
  • 'Big Bad Bitter', the latest single from Swedish-Norwegian warbler Adelén, picks up some song­writ­ing touches from the likes of Julia Michaels and Sigrid, which is nice.
  • The Charli XCX / Tove Lo / Alma pileup 'Out Of My Head' is very enjoyable but not festive enough to be Song Of The Week, sorry everyone.

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