Song of the week:
Julie Bergan feat Tunji Ige — 'If You Love Me'
In a week of huge pop releases the best tune of the week comes from Norwegian pop prac­ti­tioner Julie Bergan. Three years ago we fell in love with Julie's second single 'Younger' (both the radio version, which is like a lost Little Mix Number One, and the Oliver Nelson remix still sound totally brilliant), but she hasn't topped it UNTIL TODAY.

[also]Wrong of the week:
Ed Sheeran — '…Baby One More Time'
We quite like the idea of the Spotify Singles thing — it's basically their version of Radio 1's Live Lounge — but this cover is a big no. Realistically the JCY rework of Sisqo's 'Thong Song' is today's worst release, but it's not quite as dis­tress­ing as Ed Sheeran mailing [EDIT: We meant 'mauling' but mailing works in the sense that it's making us go postal, return to sender and/or put a card through his door telling him we've left it in his wheelie bin] one of the 250 Wonders Of The Pop Age.

Additional notes:

  • Susanne Sundfør is back!
  • Another week, another new Sia song, but 'Free Me' stands out from a lot of her recent releases both musically (it recalls a lot of her earlier stuff) and lyrically (because tri­umph­ing in the face of adversity via a series of extended metaphors just isn't a realistic depiction of how everyone is able to live their lives). The song's been released in support of #endHIV.
  • Tileyard pop entities Sigala and Ella Eyre have made a song that would have been quite enjoyable between two and three years ago.
  • 'Roulette' has bubbled to the top and seems to be the best new song on the Katy Perry album.
  • Careful with the new Pharrell song, the last time he did a song for a Despicable Me soundtrack it sat around for ages before boring everyone to death in a prolonged and relent­less period of cynically contrived joy.

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