Song of the week:
Gabrielle Aplin — 'Waking Up Slow' 
For over half a century music critics have searched for new and innov­at­ive ways to describe how much they like songs. They've deployed metaphor and hyperbole; they've attempted to capture in words the sounds they're hearing and the emotions they're feeling. And after all this time, the best music journ­al­ists still find fresh and exciting ways to bring music to life through text, which is usually a waste of time con­sid­er­ing everyone can hear everything anyway, but let's gloss over that. The point is, on hearing 'Waking Up Slow' we willingly subjected ourselves to an hour of tran­scrib­ing, which is to say the song sounded so brilliant that we got Gabrielle on the phone to talk about it. If you've never had to tran­scribe an interview just take it from us that there really cannot be any higher praise. You can read the interview here, it's quite good fun.

Wrong of the week:
Jessie J — 'Real Deal'
Jessie J's latest career move involves teaming up with M&Ms for the release of 'Real Deal'. If she really is so hell-bent on marrying music and food she should at least have held out for a super­mar­ket lunch-based campaign and called it 'Meal Deal'.
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Additional notes:

  • easyJet have released a single that consists of nothing but two CFM56 twin spool high bypass turbo fan engines. It's better than the Jessie J song.
  • The Rita Ora track is the best of the bunch on an otherwise pretty dated-sounding Avicii EP.
  • It really would be abso­lutely ideal if Dagny could make it without having to dilute her talents via a slew of features on dance tracks. Can someone try to make that happen please, thanks.
  • The Stefflon Don and French Montana single is a bit of a superstar moment, right?
  • Look we don't know what's happening here but the Tori Amos single is really inter­est­ing.
  • The Sara Diamond single is quite magical in a pleas­antly unas­sum­ing kind of way.

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