Song of the week:
Kelela — 'LMK'
"Probably her most pop-access­ible song to date," is how Pitchfork described this single. WE LOVE POP-ACCESSIBLE.

Wrong of the week:
Jake Bugg — 'How Soon The Dawn'
One day Jake Bugg is going to make a song that makes us all say this: "Do you know what, I've never liked a Jake Bugg song before — he's been 'ploughing' a sonic 'furrow' that simply doesn't align with my own tastes, and neither his terrible lyricism or hapless melodic musings have been helped by any of his co-writers. I really thought I'd never enjoy listening to a Jake Bugg song. But this new song… Well, this new song is abso­lutely brilliant. I know I may never like another Jake Bugg song, but this one is undeni­ably great." Today is not that day.

Additional notes:

  • Praise be: today brings another intense elec­tro­banger from Stockholm Noir.
  • Camila Cabello seems to be going down the Rihanna route with this week's two (!) single releases; 'Havana' works best if only because the phrase "OMG feat Quavo" is proper end-of-days stuff.
  • Sophie Elise: belter.
  • This isn't the greatest New Music Friday of all time, is it? Hopefully things will pick up when the music industry comes back from holiday.

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