Song of the week:
Steps — 'Scared Of The Dark'
You'd have to be a total cloth-eared wanker to get to the end of 'Scared Of The Dark' and not think "fair play, that's a pretty good song". This is a song so majestic that it pulls off a modern day pop miracle: bringing the art of the key change back from the dead after its grisly murder at the hands of Lady Gaga last September. Of course this is a song that sticks out like a sore thumb on our New Music Friday playlist, and all the other New Music Friday playlists, but that's no bad thing at a point when the majority of artists seem so fearful of being skipped that they bend over backwards not to stand out at all.

Wrong of the week:
Alex Ross, Dakota AND T-PAIN — 'Dreams'
Our selection of this woeful tropical rework of Gabrielle's semi-ancient hit 'Dreams' wasn't a done deal by any means — don't forget, this is a week in which Matoma and MAGIC have col­lab­or­ated on a song called 'Girl At Coachella' — but credit where it's due, Alex Ross, Dakota and T-Pain have really pulled it out of the bag with this one. More spe­cific­ally they've pulled it out of the bag, placed it carefully on the ground and done a big shit on it.

Additional notes:

  • Charli XCX's mixcxtape 'Number 1 Angel' is out today; we've included our favourite two songs on this playlist. We're still not entirely sure what makes Charli's new ten-song col­lec­tion a mixtape instead of an album. We suppose it's just a mixtape because Charli says it is.
  • The Louisa Johnson song we wrote about yesterday really is quite brilliant isn't it?
  • The more you listen, the more you wonder if in spite of being solid and High Quality the Stargate single maybe needs a little something, probably a better chorus.
  • ionnalee's first post-iamami­whoami release, 'Samaritan', is a decadent pop moment 'and no mistaking'.
  • The artwork for Jaded's 'In The Morning' features an owl in a bath robe so make sure you check that out.

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