Kylie's new single Dancing premiered on Radio 2 this morning and it's out tomorrow, but it leaked on Saturday and on the same day The Sun ran this headline.

Except, right, the song isn't really about DEATH and dying, is it? It's about life and living.

The line "when I go out I wanna go out dancing" (WHICH IS A VERY VERY GOOD POP LYRIC BECAUSE IT MEANS ONE THING BUT ALSO ANOTHER THING) does take into account the fact that one day all of us will make our way to the great bargain bin in the sky.

[This post was ready to go at 8am today based on the assump­tion that Kylie’s team would put the audio online following the radio premiere, which didn’t happen, but this is almost certainly where the embed would have gone]

But Dancing is (one would have imagined) unmis­tak­ably a song about what you do with your life between this point and that point. As the 0.57-litre-sized 1 'pop' 'princess' notes in the song: "Everybody's got a story, let it be a blaze of glory."

There really aren't enough heart emojis in the world for this sort of sentiment, are there?

  1. This epithet has been modified under EU met­ri­fic­a­tion laws and will revert to its original state following Brexit, which is very much the 'blue passports' of the pop world