Sometimes the best popstars get everything right straight out of the gate, and that's all very exciting, but sometimes they need time and space to realise who they are, what they're doing and why they're doing it. Popjustice has been covering Jessie Malakouti's work for some time now and it feels like in 2019, as Eden xo, she's finally figured everything out.

Eden's been teasing her new The Question EP for the last couple of months with glittery tunes Sorry For Myself and Have It All; the full EP is out today and it's just really great.

Also out today is the video for So Lucky — as you can see from this YouTube embed holding image's 'fortune teller on a pink sports car' tableau it's a typically under­stated affair.

Eden's making the most of the clarity she's found with The Question; there's another EP, which Eden xo describes as the yin to The Question's yang, coming soon.