The problem with pop music in 2010 is that there are just too few male elec­tronic pop duos.

There's only really Hurts.

And Monarchy, we suppose.

Then The Sound Of Arrows, and Visitor, and (YES WE GET THE IDEA THANKS — ED.)

So do we really need another one? Well the thing here readers is that it's not about need. It's about want. And if you ask yourself "do I really want another male elec­tronic pop duo?", the only sensible answer is always yes. YES. YES PLEASE. KEEP THEM COMING.

So Diagram Of The Heart look like they might be quite a big thing. They're the first signing to Sony's relaunched Deconstruction label and while the album 'Vital Signs' isn't out until the autumn their first single 'Dead Famous' is today's Popjustice Song Of The Day and it's out in July. This is the sound of it.


There is also a currently-or-soon-to-be down­load­able-at-their-MySpace 'Red Jackson And El Magnifico' remix, which sounds like this.


There are two other songs, 'Skeletons' (a bit ropey) and 'Tell Suburbia' (a bit brilliant), on the Diagram Of The Heart MySpace, and the sampler their label sent over has three further tracks — 'If I Were You', 'Gone For Good' and 'Did I'. They are VERY GOOD. The sampler artwork is nice — it's all embossed.

Rounding things up, then, because we're all busy people and we've all got other things to be doing, what we're looking at here is a kind of Calvin Harris / Tears For Fears / Depeche Mode sort of 'vibe' with some very strong hints of hands in lasers. It's very now, it's very then, it's a little bit the day after tomorrow, it's basically amazing.

The band's members are Kye 'Rolling' Sones and Anthony 'Hard To Say I'm' Gorry.

We like this band a lot.

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