November 24
On November 24 we bravely posted a positive story about the current Sugababes looking quite nice in a pho­to­graph but referred to the band as 'Sugababes' — with inverted commas — then linked to a video which drew attention to and could be perceived to have made fun of the band's various lineup changes. Some readers may have con­sidered this pur­portedly 'positive' article to in fact be in some ways negative and we apologise for any upset this may have caused.

November 23

On November 23 we wrote about a duet featuring Erik Hassle and Ellie Goulding. Referencing Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise's signature tune 'Bring Me Sunshine' we headlined our article 'Erik & Ellie bring the sunshine' which we now accept may have been slightly too obscure a reference point for many readers and may, to the vast majority, simply have looked like a shit headine. We apologise to readers who took offence.

November 19
In a post regarding Elin Lanto's 'Love Made Me Stupid', we wrote: "We are going to make an iTunes playlist which contains this song 17 times, then we are going to burn that playlist to a CD, then we are going to post that CD to Vampire Weekend. Nothing may come of it but at least we can say we tried." We now accept that the envir­on­ment­ally friendly option might be to somehow send this playlist to Vampire Weekend elec­tron­ic­ally, through a service such as Spotify or (with per­mis­sion from the copyright holder) using a service such as Dropbox. We apologise to those among you who quite rightly take a keen interest in the envir­on­ment and the future of the planet.

November 17
In an article posted on November 17 we made reference to Danyl from The X Factor and his 'extreme ser­i­ous­face'. We now accept that the official name of this aff­lic­a­tion is 'extreme stupid ser­i­ous­face' and we apologise to other sufferers who may have been offended by this genuine error on our part.

November 12
In an article posted on November 12 we may have suggested that by using the phrase 'ALL THE GREATEST HITS' in large letters on pro­mo­tional posters for a live album, The Killers' record label were hoping to fool some fans into thinking that the release was a greatest hits col­lec­tion. We now accept that instead of attempt­ing to fool some fans, the label were in fact trying to fool all fans. Apologies to Mercury for the error.

November 9
On November 9, in an article titled 'Joe McElderry: voice of an angle' we claimed that the X Factor singer was prone to tilting his head at an angle of ten degrees when receiving praise from judges. Upon further inspec­tion of video footage we are now prepared to accept that we may have been con­ser­vat­ive with this claim and that the true angle of his headtilt might be closer to twelve degrees. This said, we are confident that if one takes into account lesser headtilt displays during results shows, an average of all headtilts would still leave us with a ten degree headtilt.