Our friend Mark put this amazing com­pil­a­tion album together.


It's out this week and the idea of the 57-song blowout is that it's a cel­eb­ra­tion of the pop explosion that happened in the years between 'Wannabe' and Girls Aloud. It's a real "from the sublime to the ridicu­lous" package and it's hard to believe some of it ever happened (HELLO 911 COVERING 'A LITTLE BIT MORE'), but any com­pil­a­tion that starts with the Spice Girls and ends with Lolly and Vanilla is alright by us.

They're throwing 20 copies at a Popjustice com­pet­i­tion and we thought that rather than have twenty people win a copy each, we'd do a com­pet­i­tion for one person to win twenty copies.

There are two reasons for this.

We know that a good pro­por­tion of Popjustice readers will want to give this album to everyone they know for Christmas.

2. It saves on packaging, a concern facing us all as we look for new ways to help preserve what is left of our precious envir­on­ment.

To win the 20 copies, send an email to [email protected] — put 'Poptastic' in the subject line and in the main body tell us which song on the album (full track­list­ing here) brings back the best or worst memory. Please feel free to go into heavy detail. We'll pick a winner on Thursday afternoon.


NB: 'Cleopatra's Theme' hasn't aged very well. :(