Sia – ‘Diamonds’ (live)

We're giving this song /10.

One day, the mighty Sia will release an album, or maybe just a free-to-download EP as a thank you to fans or something, and it will contain her versions of all the songs she has either given to other people or subsequently re-recorded with collaborators like 'Flo Rida' and 'David Guetta'.

We say this not because we know it to be true but because we are hoping that it will activate Law 9 Of The Internet (keep saying something enough and it has a 40% chance of eventually coming to pass).

Anyway when/if (WHEN) that album/EP does see the light of day, it will include Sia's version of 'Diamonds', and it will sound quite a bit like this live version which Furlo performed at the Norweigan-American Achievement Awards (amazing) last night.

Literally quite a good song by quite a good songwriter.

Maybe one day
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