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The salient points

  • It is impossible to listen to Lana Del Rey without feeling like you have participated in some sort of emotional self-harm.
  • 'Video Games' is an astonishing piece of work, and has been used to quite emotional effect in long-running dramas 'Gossip Girl' and  'The Only Way is Essex'.
  • When she came out there were a lot of boring debates about whether she was 'authentic' enough to be a popstar, but people seem to have got over that now and she's just being allowed to get on with it.
  • Which is a blessing, because the video for 'Born to Die' features a tiger and you wouldn't want to miss out on that now would you.
  • Her debut album, also called 'Born To Die', featured a song co-written by David Sneddon. Amazing.
  • Album two will be interesting.


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