The Briefing > October 26, 2011

A Newsdump for 26 October 2011: From Katy Perry throwing confectionery to Avril’s busy diary

» To celebrate her 27th birthday, Katy Perry rather aggressively threw a massive cake at her fans. (Idolator)

» Kevin Richardson will re-join the Backstreet Boys as part of acronymtastic ‘supergroup’ NKOTBSB for a one-off (and by ‘one-off’ we can’t help but feel the real word we’re all looking for here is ‘lucrative’) show in the Bahamas. (Billboard) 

» It’s difficult to know which is worse; the fact that Adam Lambert apparently got in a bit of a strop at an album launch or the fact that said album launch was for X Factor hair dye enthusiast Storm Lee. (The Mirror) You may not be surprised to hear that this took place in LA.

» Pure Music have just launched a subscription music streaming service, similar to Spotify, with access to 15 million songs for £4.99 a month. (TechRadar UK)

» ‘Apparently’, Britney Spears is a big fan of both Marmite and “yeast-extract snack Twiglets.” (The Sun) We suspect she probably likes Oxo cubes as well, which will come in handy if u seek gravy.

» Sometimes Kelly Clarkson (and her mum) forget that she won American Idol. (LA Times)

» This is an interesting but very long thing about how artists make money from music in 2011. (Rolling Stone) Precis: it’s bad news for Matt Cardle.

» Demi Lovato successfully performed the tricky ‘Star Spangled Banner’ before some big American Football game. (MTV)

» Here’s a picture of VV Brown in a bath full of sweets. (Twitter) 

» And finally, sound the first world problems klaxon, Avril Lavigne is too busy to exercise and was once so short on time she had to do her nails on a plane on the way to New York Fashion week. (Contactmusic)