This is a superb Saturdays single.

Yes alright we said that about 'Gentleman' which wasn't quite the soaraway hit we all might have hoped for but it's 2013 and if you let public opinion dictate your sense of popright and popwrong you'll spend half your life at Edmeli Sheeré gigs, so think on.

'Disco Love' was written and produced by StopWaitGo, who also did this. Perhaps The Saturdays could cover it for their next single.

Three very good bits about this song:

1. Baby baby baby.

2. Why you make me feel so fine, why you make me feel so good, why you make me feel so right.


Anyway we won't say too much about 'Disco Love' now because we've decided to post one article about this song on the hour every hour between now and Gaga o'clock.

ARTICLE 1: 'Disco Love' in Spotify playlists
ARTICLE 2: A list of Saturdays singles from best to worst
ARTICLE 3: Suggested lyrical improvements
ARTICLE 4: Examining the YouTube comments
ARTICLE 5: A picture of the band wearing the song's waveform on their heads

Stand by for more excellent content.

Label: Polydor
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