This track was right at the top of last week's Popjustice New Music Friday playlist and we've been hammering it ever since.

"'Boy Like A Girl' is a song for every indi­vidual who feels that they don’t fit in within the norms in society," the band tell us via email. "Whether it’s about dressing uncon­ven­tion­ally, not feeling com­fort­able with the binary gender system, or being different in other ways — this song is for you."

Of the video, they add: "The video captures how society can judge indi­vidu­als based on struc­tures that some of us don’t feel com­fort­able with, and not respect everyone’s right to live their own life, in their own way. Stockholm Noir will continue spreading the darkness to the world, and recruit all the dark souls out there that feel they don’t fit in the scene.”