Seinabo Sey is Swedish, which is a good start.

She is also 23, which is good news because it means she has about another 40 years of music-making ahead of her before she hits retirement age. This said, it has recently been mooted that Sweden could raise its retirement age to 75, which is bad news for anyone wanting to put their feet up but good news for the world of music because it means another ten years of Seinabo Sey songs.

Seinabo's rather beautiful 'Younger' appeared online last year, and if you like the sound of Seinabo's tunes you may/may not be surprised to hear that they're produced by Magnus Lidehäll, who also worked on another song we recently featured, ie Mapei's 'Don't Wait'.

There'll be an album later in the year.

June 30 (it's out in Sweden next week)
Label: Virgin
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