To start with GRL had all the makings of a really shit girlband but the Dr Luke protégées delivered a brilliant chorus on Pitbull's 'Wild Wild Love' (which is due out in the UK on April 27), then at the arse-end of last week this really quite brilliant song about hot wankers appeared and suddenly it seemed as if GRL might end up being one of the current pop landscape's greatest girlband hopes.

We were going to post this last week but the song kept disappearing from the internet etc etc etc, so if the YouTube embed below has vanished by the time you read this you might need to do some Googling. It's worth the effort though.

(Effort? EFFORT? Five seconds tip-tapping some words into a search engine? Is that really effort? God help us if there's a war.)

Label: RCA/Kemosabe
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